Show Duration: May 18th – June 5th

Exhibiting Artists:  Airom, Charity Burnett, Lavialle Campbell, Fausto Fernandez, Alison Foshee, Simone Gad, Jim Holyoak, Susan Joseph, Mery Lynn McCorkle, Ann McCoy, Melissa Meier, Linda Parnell, Anita Ray, Gina Stepaniuk, Nick Veasey, Sharon Weiner, Kimberly Zsebe.

In bG Gallery’s latest exhibit, Circle Logic, artists are invited to interpret the dimensions of a circle and how they convey the interconnections within our lives and environments. While working with a variety of disciplines and artistic styles, spiritual and cultural significances are examined.

Circles may be reminiscent of abstract musical notation, astronomical geometry, or in the natural sciences. Representations include: celestial bodies, biological cells, logos, toys, labels, clock faces, modern machinery, and spheres. Circles may be decorative or may be compositional devices such as vignettes and roundels. Variations of the circle may morph into boundaries, disk, semicircles, a segment of a circle, an arc, elliptical curves or convex/concave surfaces, dividing the interior of the form from the exterior.

Location: bG Gallery (Bleicher/Golightly/Gorman Gallery) 1431 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, Ca 90401    
Phone: 310.451.9983   
Hours: Sunday-Wednesday 12-6pm Thursday-Saturday 12-9pm
Parking: Convenient valet parking is available under the gallery building, free with validation for the opening reception. Free by appointment during gallery hours.