bG Gallery presents Allois’ new exhibit ‘No Particular Night or Morning’

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Allois’ new body of work is grounded in the painterly style of the Romantic movement and informed by a decidedly contemporary point of view. Allois’ Turner-esque seascapes depict ships struggling against the blows of pounding waves.  But somewhere in the darkness, a subtle light glows, assuring the viewer that all is not lost.

The exotic subjects of Allois’ series The Keepers are pointedly species indeterminate. Two figures, covered with dark fur and dressed like royalty, peer from the canvas with golden eyes. They appear feminine and seductive despite not being human. In other portraits, the subjects shed their fur, presenting pale and amorphous bodies that teeter between human and amphibian.

As the figures grow more abstract, the artist brightens her palette, and festoons the scenes with flowers, feathers and doves. In these cheerful paintings, Allois paints on each of her creatures a smile. As if to say, perhaps, that to be truly happy one must shed the concerns of physical beauty.