Santa Monica, CA – Universally Unknown Presents Music Meets Art a weekly music curated event with both regional and national musicians taking the stage.

Art and music have always had an interaction as something that brings the world together, but never have they come together with the community to give a chance to mix up and coming musicians within a gallery space with world renowned art all around you. The goal of Music Meets Art is to bring the community together, give opportunity for more local musicians to be recognized and have a chance of being engulfed by contemporary art all at the same time.

Event Organizer Billy Gross had this event come together in his words “… because art galleries need to be more creative with their spaces and engage the community with events like BAM.”

If you have ever wanted an intimate evening and felt like you could really feel like you get to know a musician on a personal level this is where it will happen.

Bring your blankets, bring your friends, bring pillows and it is BYOB.

About Universally Unknown

Full service Artist Management and Booking Agency that stands up for artists with integrity, while not losing the creativity in music and the art itself.


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