Leora Lutz

Leora Lutz art, Santa Monica painter, landscape paintingsMy work involves the Landscape – both figuratively and literally. In making my work, circumstance, response, habitation, roles and community all shape how the landscape is inferred or represented. Text, and Sky as metaphor are two themes that I frequently use.

In using Text, I am fascinated with the ways in which language can be confusing or clear – ultimately effecting how we engage with our environment and with each other. It is tangible, yet elusive. The Sky is a vast and unattainable component of the Landscape, indicative of what is known or venerable, what is close yet far, comforting and at once, or suddenly – susceptible.

Processes I employ include painting, writing stream of consciousness lists, shooting guns, purging ugly and stupid things, hunting and gathering appropriated papers or every-day objects and seeing the sources for a new daily story.

In seeing, I look for similarities and differences, the grey areas in between and how no day is mundane.


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