Jim Holyoak, Merman ink, 7.5x23.5inCurator: Thomas Whittaker Kidd

Artists: Allois, Dan Busta & Ryan Schude, Brian Cooper, Ryan Foster, Arthur E. Giron, Jim Holyoak, Thomas Whittaker Kidd, Connie DK Lane, William Loveless, Melissa Meier, Justin Moore, Bob and Marjorie Moskowitz, Jim Ovelmen, Courtney Reid and Andre Yi

bG Gallery presents the group exhibit “Dirty Minds: Life on Earth”. In this exhibit the relationship between the figure and the landscape becomes intertwined.

“What happens when we leave the city? Our Laws are left behind in the natural world, static energy of restraint leaves us and our vision opens wide seeing us in a much larger context, a small piece of a much larger whole: the humbled being, an intimate part of an infinite mass.” -TWK

Andre Yi, sequoia, acrylic, gouache and prismacolor on canvas