Serge Hamad Bio

Serge Hamad is a French/Algerian self taught visual artist based in NY. The artist started photography at a very young age. In the mid-eighties he used both video and photography as a media to cover war-zones and inform about sociopolitical situations like in Iraq, Balkan…

In 2010 Serge Hamad dedicated his time mainly to Fine Art photography. Since then, his work has been exhibited at several galleries in the US as well as internationally. Other venues like the “Samsung Art Collection”, the “Artspace” and “Lumas” platforms also represent his work as well as renowned auction houses like Paddle 8, Artsy, Christie’s London and the Robert Wilson’s Water Mill Foundation.


“A lens is there to render the essence of your vision, not the beauty of a subject, otherwise it’s just a snapshot. In this work, each landscape when seen for the first time at a glimpse, seems to be an entity. The colors and geometric lines form a unit. It’s just when our brain starts to analyze our vision that we understand how we lost our childhood.”

“I feel that an artwork is successful when once injected into the communication channels it manages to awake a dialog.” Says the artist.