Featured image: Dominic Lessard, “Les Danceurs”

bG Gallery is pleased to present Blurring the Line, a group exhibition curated by Ekundayo and Mike Maxwell.

Dates: March 19th – April 12th, 2022 Opening Reception: Saturday, March 19th from 7-10pm

View the Influences section of the exhibition here: https://archive.bgartdealings.com/blurring-the-line-influences-march-19th-april-12th-2022/

About Blurring the Line:

This group exhibition features accomplished artists who blur the lines between illustrative/narrative, and fine art/conceptual/abstract.

Participating artists:

Mike Maxwell, Ekundayo, Mike Giant, Monica Canilao & Xara Thustra (MCXT), Dave Persue, Adam Hawthorn, Jonathan Ryan Harvey, Andrew Hem, Eric “Zoueh” Skotnes, Ryan “Yanoe” Sarfati, Sean 9 Lugo, Vini Meio, Ken Garduno, Dominic Lessard, Charles Lister, Isaac Pierro, Robert Bowen, Ezra Brown, Aaron “Woes” Martin, and Jose Mertz.