Carol Powell- A Rare Bird

Artist’s Reception: Saturday June 25th, 6-10pm
Show Duration: June 22nd through July 8th
Closing Reception: July 3rd, 4-7pm

Bleicher/Golightly Gallery
1431 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401
+1 310 451 9983
Hours: Sunday-Wednesday 12-6pm
Thursday-Saturday 12-10pm

Bleicher/Golightly Gallery is pleased to present “A Rare Bird,” a new body of work by artist Carol Powell, inspired by her volunteer work in bird rescue. Snowy egrets, owls, penguins and ducks populate these mixed media works set on sewn fabric collage. Powell plays with personal and symbolic legacy of these magnificent feathered creatures. Whimsical, humorous, and apprehensive, her dreamlike tapestries turn biography to mythology, patching together fragments of truth and fantasy.

A portion of the proceeds from “A Rare Bird” will go towards the International Bird Rescue organization. International Bird Rescue (Bird Rescue) has been saving seabirds and other aquatic birds around the world since 1971. As well as operating two year-round aquatic bird rescue centers in California, which care for over 5,000 birds every year, Bird Rescue’s team of specialists has led oiled bird rescue efforts in over 200 oil spills in more than 12 countries.