Michael Chearney: Living Color from David Kelting

Artists include: Sylvia Cooper, Airom, Michael Chearney, Nancy Larrew, Alisa Gabrielle and Jaime Becker
Curator: Hannah Kim

Opening Reception: Thursday August 18th, 6-10pm
Show Duration: August 18th through September 10th
The Center for the Partially Sighted Donor Appreciation Night: Thursday, September 1, 6-9pm
Closing Reception: Saturday, September 3rd, 6-10pm

Location: BG Gallery (Bleicher/Golightly) 1431 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Hours: Sunday-Wednesday 12-6pm   Thursday-Saturday 12-11pm, +1 310-878-2784

Press Contact: Hannah Kim, Hannah@bgartdealings.com

Bleicher Golightly Gallery presents “Feel-Sighted,” a group exhibit featuring touchable artwork.   Presenting an unconventional way to “see” art, this show displays works that were meant to be touched as the foremost but not exclusive way to appreciate the art.  Some works have been created by artists with partial vision.  Inspired by how influential the role of touch can play in the creation of these works, artists invite their guests to don blindfolds and enjoy the works with their fingers instead of their eyes.

Employing a diverse vocabulary of textures, forms, and even temperatures, these works invite new considerations and critiques of the traditional visual-only reception of art.  Certain showcased artists, who rely heavily on their sense of touch to create their works, invite guests to experience art as the artist does during its formation.  The idea was to create work that felt as great as it looked and synthetically inspire the viewer to enjoy it wholly, not just through sight alone.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Center for the Partially Sighted, an L.A.-based non-profit. The Center for the Partially Sighted brings technological training and assistance to those who have lost their sight to help them live independently, and also creates opportunities for them to lead fulfilling and productive lives. We are pleased to coordinate an event that presents works of art to those who have lost much of their sight, as well as to those who typically experience art through their eyes alone.

Your Touch is Out of this World