Show Duration: Feb 7- late Feb 2015

Click here for entire exhibit catalog: Grayscale Wonderland Catalog                                (Price and availability of works is subject to change)

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Artists: Bob Branaman, Jim Holyoak, Mike Saijo, Kate Samworth, Nathan Cartwright, Barbara Kolo, Yvette Brown, Melissa Meier, Christopher Mudgett, Charles Malinsky, Nick Veasey, Shaun Berke, Mark Hanauer, Catherine Ruane, Karrie Ross, Elizabeth Gilson, Mizuho Koyama, Maiko Kitagawa, Mikhail Sokolovskiy, Gay Summer Rick, Simone Gad and more.

bG Gallery presents a group exhibit of artists that have the ability to spark our imagination and create spectacular worlds without the use of overt color.

Articles: Beautiful Bizarre