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In collaboration, bG Gallery and ArtRep-DG are excited to announce an online exhibit and Zoom event: From the Ocean to the Desert.

Om Navon Bleicher from bG Gallery Santa Monica has selected three artists; ArtRep-DG, from Arizona, has selected three artists. During the “opening” each artist will display four paintings from their studio and will discuss with Om and Debbe their work. In addition, each artist will have a special work that is specific for the evening for under $500. 

The artists for ArtRep-DG include Michael Cano, from Redlands, California, Whitney Pintello from Gilroy, California and Dianne Athey from New York City.

bG artists include Calethia DeConto from Los Angeles, Tatiana Botton, from Hawaii, and Gay Summer Rick from Los Angeles. 

Tatiana Botton, bG Gallery

Gay Summer Rick, bG Gallery
Whitney Pintello, ArtRep-DG
Michael Cano, ArtRep-DG
Calethia DeConto, bG Gallery

Dianne Athey, ArtRep-DG

bG Gallery – Om Navon Bleicher

bG gallery specializes in accomplished artists who have crossed traditionally contentious art ideologies including expressive-conceptual, insider-outsider, high-low and figurative-abstract.

Our aim is to bring authentic art with elements of human spirit back to the forefront of the contemporary art scene. Art that does not hide and succeeds in spite or because of its flaws .

Debbe Goldstein of ArtRep-DG

From the Kitchen Center for Video, Music and Dance in New York City, to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and Dreamworks, SKG, I have been able to parlay studying History of Art at The Ohio State University into a meaningful career. Working with Blue Chip artists – Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Robert Morris in New York, and then spending over a decade at Art Center recruiting and teaching emerging artists, defines a specific skill set, which is being put to great use in