a collection of gifts and gift ideas by visual artists.
Show Duration: ┬áDecember 12 – Jan 7, 2011

BG Gallery transforms into a gift workshop for the giving season. The gallery will be filled with gifts objects, gift ideas and gift-able artworks created by accomplished visual artists. Gallery and local artists create a variety of gifts from traditional gift-able functional and visual art objects to commissions and personal performances and conceptual explorations of gift-giving.

Artists include: Gay Summer Rick, Benson Simmonds, Bill Dambrova, Julia Schwartz, Laura Larson, David Skinner, Rhonda Voo, Susan Moss, Airom, Luciana Abait, Terri Berman, Tracey Harnish, Douglas Alvarez, Sean Maher, Carol Powell, Sukran Han, Lizzy Waronker, Kate Jackson, Kate Unger, Mary Delioussina, Lauren Rose Keslow, Jacqueline Renee Friedberg, and more.