Hilary Wooton

Art making has always been the most natural means of self-expression for Hilary Wootton, with painting and drawing at the forefront. In more recent years she discovered her passion for the environmental movement and began adapting an environmentally responsible process, while exploring ecological and anthropological themes. Growing up in Alexandria, Virginia and later relocating to southern California, along with a myriad of excursions abroad, Wootton is a well-rounded and forward thinking young artist with a strong sense of personal values. Having paid many visits to northern New Mexico over the years where her father spent his childhood, she has developed a deep respect and admiration for Native American culture and identifies with their sense of communion with the natural and spirit world. Wootton’s goal as a visual artist is to communicate her personal philosophy and that of indigenous cultures, while educating and sensitizing others about environmental issues and inspiring them to lead a sustainable life on our earth.


Hilary Wooton art, Santa Monica painter, environmental art