Featured image: Francisco Goya, El Que no Te Ama, Burlando Te Difama / La Lealtand

When: May 21st – June 13th, 2022

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 21st 2022 6-9pm PDT

bG Gallery presents a new concept that seeks to bridge the gap between blue chip masters and their contemporary successors. Stunned by how much influence there is to discover amongst contemporary artists and practices, bG has decided to implement an ongoing dialogue between the two dynamics for all upcoming exhibitions. The curators at bG continue to spend a great deal of time pursuing partnering galleries, auction houses and contemporary art fairs alike, discovering these nuanced references that remind us of the many contemporary forerunners.

For this edition of Influences, in conjunction with our main exhibit – Indecent Exposure – Exposed and Unconscious, the curator selected accomplished works by artists such as; Francisco Goya, Jerome Witkin and Roberto Matta. All of whom convey a world of vulnerable subject matters. At its core, the “influence” here is frank. The curator is proposing (so to speak) that the human race shares a collective rhythmic heartbeat. A rhythm that is often subconsciously overlooked in this everyday pursuit of all that divides. The influential artists featured;  share an intent of exposing the truth. Yet still, paying homage to the imagination.   

Featured artists:

Leonor Fini, Francisco Goya, Roberto Matta, Daido Moriyama, Ruth Weisberg, and Jerome Witkin.