Show Duration: continues through Jan 12, 2013
“I’m a monster!” she half-cried, half-laughed.
“Sure enough!” he said, “You’re a monster. You look like a mongrel of animal guts, but you’re not completely animal. You’re a greywood tree that walks, but greywood trees don’t walk. Your eyes are green, now black, now grey. Your blood smells like the sap of a poisoned tree..”


Bleicher/Golightly is pleased to present “Oblivion Monstrosus,” an elaborate installation by Canadian artist Jim Holyoak. Jim will take advantage of the gallery’s movable walls to create a labyrinthine installation of monsters from the past, present, and future.

This will be Holyoak’s first solo exhibit in the US in over 3 years.  He returns after a busy year of museum exhibits in Canada and a series of residencies across Europe. Jim is gaining critical acclaim for his larger-than-life, awe-inspiring, interactive ink installations. His work portrays the bridges and boundaries between perception, memory and fantasy. Jim blends traditional Chinese ink study with contemporary western approaches, while monsters dinosaurs and endangered animals blur in and out of surreal metamorphic landscapes.


The reception for Oblivion Monstrosus will also be a book launch for Keith Holyoak’s Foreigner illustrated by Jim Holyoak. Keith was highly praised for his previous publications of translations of the ancient Chinese poets Du Fu and Li Bai. In this volume he creates contemporary poetry in traditional Chinese style.

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