Featured image: Haleh Javanshir, “Watch Me”

bG Gallery proudly presents NFT Art: Fresh Mint, Genesis Collection of first time drops by NFT Artists

Join us for an exciting online exhibition of NFT offerings first mints.

Opening Reception: Sunday, April 4th at 1:00pm PST.

Learn more about our NFT offerings here: http://www.nftartstories.com/

Contact us to make a time if you are unfamiliar with crypto marketplace we are happy to walk you through the set up.

Browse some of the works in the online Story below:

Haleh Javanshir, Light Me Up

Haleh Javanshir, Watch Me

Chalda Maloff, Common Denominator

Hadiya Finley, Duck Feet

Hadiya Finley, Lady Duck

Hadiya Finley, Lady Owl

Calethia DeConto, Desert Flow

Calethia DeConto, In Her Orbit

Calethia DeConto, Ornithomancing

Randi Matushevitz, BLah BLah

Randi Matushevitz, Moodswing

Randi Matushevitz, Adora Smiling

Stephen Anderson, Drive Home Drive Work

Stephen Anderson, Our Side Your Side

Stephen Anderson, Cause The Problem Fix The Problem

Nikolas Soren Goodich, Humanimals I

Nikolas Soren Goodich, Humanimals II

Nikolas Soren Goodich, Can We Ever Really See Ourselves

Estefania Ochoa, In my reflection

Estefania Ochoa, How love unravels

Estefania Ochoa, Unraveling Love

John Kilduff, Pirate taco ship

Heather Lowe, Phosphene Diamond

Lufthi Kautsar, P964 Erste Abstrakt Explo Entwicklung

Parker Shatkin, Construction (Gate 7)

Devin True, Future Sky Magnetism

Devin True, Future Sky Magnetism Still 1

Devin True, Future Sky Magnetism Still 2

Martin Krammer, “black moon rising”

Martin Krammer, “nerves and bones1”

Rebecca Rose, In the Midnight Hour

View the CoA here, and learn more here.

Jack Reilly, Modern Mona

Jack Reilly, Modern Caravaggio

Paula Craioveanu, The Spine

Paula Craioveanu, Under the Sea 4

Airom, Confudlment


Burton Gray, GRAYS No.1

Burton Gray, BOBBY

Gil Bruvel, Cubist #8

Gil Bruvel, Scent

Gil Bruvel, Not Alone

Juri Koll, Käepigistus Antwerp 2, 2020

Juri Koll, Käepigistus Diox 1, 2020

Juri Koll, Käepigistus Cad 1, 2020

Allois, Medicine Man

Nancy Jo Ward, Juliet

Nancy Jo Ward, Sulli

Martin Krammer, “too many mice 1”

Martin Krammer, “pop-up and lose1”

Allois, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

John Kilduff, Fuck You Palms

Haleh Javanshir, Pinball