Objectified II

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Show Duration: June 20th – July 4th Hours: Sunday-Wednesday 12-6pm Thursday-Saturday 12-9pm Parking: Convenient parking is available under the gallery building, free with validation for the reception. Free by appointment during gallery hours.

bG Gallery Presents Objectified II, an exhibit of works depicting inanimate objects that lead to a further narrative. Objects are all around us – large to little, important to mediocre, useful to useless. They encompass our everyday lives. Sometimes they make us aware of who we are or who we are perceived to be. For Objectified II artists have interpreted the title of the show in a variety of ways, from the philosophical, to the humorous, to the surreal. Accomplished local artists from a variety of disciplines offer an eclectic array of objects often as metamorphic and symbolic mechanisms to explore aspects of our humanity.

Exhibiting Artists:
Carol Powell, Airom, Douglas Alvarez, Terri Berman, Leigh Salgado, Kio Griffith, Shannon Rowland O’Connor, Alex Schaefer, Catherine Kaleel, Charity Burnett, Gay Summer Rick, Jose Lopes, Thomas Whittaker Kidd, Hadiya Finley, David Lovejoy, Flora Golden, Ron Rogers, Hilary Wootton, Simone Gad