Featured image: Alexandra Weisenfeld, Carry On



bG Gallery is pleased to present “Quaranta,” a group exhibition curated by Susan Lizotte and Jenny Hager.

Opening Reception: January 8th, 5-8 p.m. 

Run of Show: January 6 – 27, 2022 

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12-5 p.m.

Exhibiting artists:

Luciana Abait, Douglas Alvarez, Ray Beldner, Sijia Chen, Dani Dodge, Steven Fujimoto, Tara de la Garza, Jenny Hager, Susan Lizotte, Diane Meyer, Lena Moross, Alan Shaffer, Gay Summer Rick, Curtis Stage, and Alexandra Wiesenfeld.

About Quaranta:

Living through and understanding that we are in the midst of one of the more seismic events of the twenty-first century has affected us as citizens of the world, as well as individually. The Pandemic and the Quarantine have disrupted multiple aspects of our lives while the specter of death and illness has been consistently present. Most visual artists are solitary creatures by nature in regards to studio practices, but the Quarantine brought a different type of isolation. Work produced during the Quarantine, by nature, is a visual documentation of artists’ emotional response, either directly, or indirectly. 

The Quarantine allowed for some artists to delve more deeply into a continuous body or work, such as the human impact upon our ecological environment, while some artists experienced shifts in formal expressions or content in a desire to find hope amidst daily unease. Additional artists found their mode of work in the public sphere completely disrupted, and had to find alternative ways of working. “Quaranta” presents works created during the Pandemic, and the artists included reflect the cultural mosaic of the Quarantine, its uncertainty, and how it is reflected in the collective experience and adjustments for a continually changing world. 

Susan Lizotte, Mappa Mundi Spring 2020