Show Duration: September 7th – September 22nd

Exhibit artists: Melissa Meier, Simone Gad, Nikko Sedgwick, Lizzy Waronker, Mike Saijo, Barbara Kosoff, Hilary Wooton and more to be announced.

An exhibit of artworks with nostalgic elements. Artists recontextualize vintage imagery and objects, exploring the past in contemporary ways. The past is reinterpreted. Artists recontextualize vintage imagery and objects, reminding the older times. The elements are combined in a narrative assemblage. They are unitized through the exploration of different materials. The artworks are conceived through the fascination and idealization of the past. They contain a mesh of conflicting emotions, including melancholia, joy, pain and disappointment. The boldness and sensuality of the artists’ interpretations will touch the audience with a sweet and sour memory of the past.