A group art exhibition exploring mental health awareness, wellness and resilience.
“See And Be Seen” exhibition are inspired by: “how we see ourselves”, “how we think other see us” or “how we would like to be seen”. Featured works of art were produced during hands-on arts workshops for people with mental health challenges. Come see this art exhibition and learn about the experience of hope, wellness and resilience for people in your community living with mental health challenges.

All the art works are created in the Arts Network Artist in Residency Program by art students from LAC DMH South Bay Mental Health Center.

The Arts Network promotes mental health wellness, recovery and stigma elimination through arts programming and community outreach. For more informations visit www.namicalifornia.org

Where: Bleicher/Golightly Gallery, 1431 Ocean Ave, Suite 1800 Santa Monica, CA 90401

Opening reception: Saturday, May 10th, from 2:30 – 8:30pm