You are invited to the a free Tai Chi workshop and lecture as part of bG Gallery’s after hours program. Email to reserve a spot.
Tai Chi as the”Internal Art” is a tool, it will assist you in chiseling away at the raw piece of marble we all are into the magnificent sculpture we all can be. We are all artist, after all we are consciously or unconsciously creating our own lives, our destiny, shaping and reshaping our selves. Daily Tai Chi practice will fine tune and unify body, mind and spirit in a ever expanding curb of personal transformation and creativity.
Master Peter Asco has been introducing UCLA students, staff, and faculty to the self-healing and empowering practices of Tai Chi & Qigong since 1999. He’s the recipient of the UCLA 2002 Instructor of the Year, 2008 FitWell Impact, and 2017 Outstanding Instructor Awards. He’s been running classes for the community through the City of Los Angeles Recreation & Parks since 1998.
As program developer and instructor for the GLA, WLA Medical Center from 2000 through 2013 he established the first and only Tai Chi Clinic within the Veterans Administration system.
In 2013, Mr. Asco was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and presented with the Life Achievement Award for his contributions to these arts and service to the community.
Artists know they are forever transformed by their every creation. That’s the reason why they can’t stop creating.
Starting from the inside they reveal with a final external expression their own personal evolution, knowing the next one will be even better.