bG Gallery and The Venice Institute of Contemporary Art present Art / World, a weekly online journey around the world of art.

Join us to discover the rich art scene in this beautiful nation. Specialists in different areas of the art world will discuss their knowledge of the art culture there and provide recommendations for art experiences there.

The Panelists

Jim Holyoak

| Artist | drawer and writer |

A drawer and writer based in British Columbia, Canada, Jim Holyoak’s discipline consists of room-sized drawing installations, book arts and ink-painting. In parallel to his solo practice, Holyoak has orchestrated numerous collaborative drawing projects, sometimes involving hundreds of people drawing together.

Daniel Laskarin

| Artist | object-based and photography |

My practice is object based, materially and philosophically rooted; much of this work investigates the ways in which art can generate the sensory experience of consciousness. Some of the work does entirely other things. Understanding that the “expanded field” is blown utterly apart, I make things that stay together, that find their own order in a condition of disorder, and that at the same time refuse that which orders everything.

Mark Loria

| Director/owner of Alcheringa Gallery | visual artist |

Alcheringa Gallery is one of the leading indigenous art galleries in the world specializing in contemporary art from the Northwest Coast of Canada.

Mark Loria has held multiple senior positions with art institutions, and has worked closely with leading Indigenous artists from Australia and Canada, most recently with a focus on Coast Salish art of the Northwest Coast. Mark is also a visual artist himself.

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