bG Gallery and The Venice Institute of Contemporary Art present Art / World, a weekly online journey around the world of art. This week we will be joined by guest host and panelist Kate Stern.

Join us for a virtual trip to Cuba and discover the rich and vibrant art scene in this beautiful country. Hear from specialists in different areas of the art world as they discuss their relationship to Cuba, it’s culture and it’s artists. Included is a virtual studio visit with one of Cuba’s leading contemporary artists in his Havana studio!

Watch the zoom conversation here:

Panel led by: Kate Stern, independent art curator.

| Independent curator | Kate Stern Projects |

As an independent contemporary art curator, Kate Stern conceptualizes and executes large-scale public art installations for cities and has curated numerous museum and gallery exhibitions as well as the renowned Frostig Collection. Most recently she curated a passion project entitled Dress Rehearsal for the Oceanside Museum of Art in CA Art where it was on view for 6 months. During 2019, Kate led two exclusive Arts & Culture tours in Cuba under her art tour banner Take Me To The Art.  

Since the start of Covid, Kate has curated an in person gallery exhibition entitled FUN at the bG Gallery in addition to 3 virtual exhibitions.
To see some of Kate’s projects visit:

The Panelists

Bryant Toth

Toth Gallery | gallerist and curator  |

As I have continued to travel to Cuba over the past several years, immersing myself into its vibrant community, I have built wonderful relationships with their emerging art culture. My love for these artists’ work, combined with my desire to help share their vision and beauty with a larger audience, has motivated me to support and represent their collection of work.

Hector Frank

| Painter |

“Despite international acclaim as one Cuba’s foremost living artists, Havana born Hector Frank never received a professional artistic education yet specialized in electronics. Now, in his artistic practice, Hector Frank employs a similar process to reveal a nation’s shared feelings, shared visions, shared dreams with a minimalist sophistication. Hector Frank employs in these works an understanding and appreciation of material quality and the potential for reuse that exists little outside of a place like Cuba, an understanding that has allowed him to create this aesthetically complex, multi-faceted new form of portraiture that poetically captures the essence of his people.” -Toth Gallery| Painter |

Steven Certilman

| Cuban art collector | Discoveries in Art |

Steven Certilman has traveled the Caribbean and Latin America collecting art for more than thirty years.

The mission of his organization Discoveries in Art is to promote the artistic works and artists of Cuba, and in doing so, to build goodwill, understanding and respect between the people of the United States and our neighbors to the south.