Gay Summer Rick

We hope you can join us.  This Sunday 5-9 PM

Series in Fog and Sun


Opening Reception:Saturday August 6th, 6-10pm
Show Duration: August 4th through August 16th
Artist Reception: Sunday August 14th, 5-9pm

BG Gallery (Bleicher/Golightly)
1431 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401
+1 310 451 9983
Hours: Sunday-Wednesday 12-6pm
Thursday-Saturday 12-10pm

We hope you can join us.  This Sunday 5-9PM

Press Contact: Om Bleicher

Bleicher/Golightly Gallery presents an exhibit of new works by Malibu painter Gay Summer Rick. Gay’s ‘Fog Series’ depicts beautiful local scenes in the presence of a growing fog.  While she has found beauty in the haze, Rick believes the increase in fog in Southern California is a symptom of climate change due to global-warming. This new fog threatens to mute the warm, vibrant colors that drew the painter to California from her native state of New York.  Luckily, Rick is masterful at revealing what lies beneath the surface of a scene. Painting with only a palette knife, she creates her landscapes as a series of interacting layers. Beyond the misty veil, her subjects hum with energy and movement,  presenting an empowering optimistic undertone against bleak possibilities.