Bleicher/Golightly Gallery would like to congratulate Lizzy Waronker for getting her artwork featured on Ben Lee’s “Deeper into Dream” album!

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Bleicher Galleries is pleased to announce represented artist, Lizzy Waronker, has completed artwork for singer-songwriter Ben Lee’s latest album, “Deeper into Dream”, released October 11, 2011 on Dangerbird Records. The cover shows original photography by the artist of her “Heap 12”, an ethereal collection of found objects coalesced into one of her signature “heap” sculptures. Additional works by the artist can be seen on the back cover and album sleeve. Waronker has a unique process of creating original assemblage sculpture and using photography to delve deeper into the narrative of the work. She currently has work on display at both Bleicher Gallery La Brea and Bleicher/Golightly Gallery, Santa Monica. Limited edition photography used on the album is available through the gallery.