bG gallery artist Nick Veasey has been featured on the cover of Time Magazine. Veasey is a British photographer who primarily works with images created from X-ray imaging.  The subjects range from small everyday items such as children’s toys to an entire passenger airplane.  VeScreen Shot 2013-07-22 at 2.47.35 PMasey’s work deconstructs the paradigm shift in modern culture, which is now obsessed with discovering what lies within our fellow citizens. “What is inside that person’s pocket or jacket or car?” asks Veasey.  “What’s inside their hard-drive?  Their heart?  Their mind?”  Further, Veasey’s pieces focusing on fashion explore the idea that in a world where it is hard to answer these questions, people seek to identify their enemies based in part on their clothing.  “You see the clothing, not the person beneath.  The person beneath is as invisible as in the x-ray.”  However, the pieces also explore the idea that the same clothing can be used as a form of protest against such profiling.  “Hoodies are the uniform of the disaffected.”

Veasey’s work has been exhibited in or collected by institutions including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Francisco, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei.  His work has been featured in Time Magazine and The Times (UK), and on NBC, MSNBC, and the Today Show.  In 2009, Veasey was invited to lecture at the renowned TED Conference.

bG Gallery will donate a portion of proceeds from the sale of “Hoodie” to the Children’s Defense Fund, a top-rated charity devoted to battling gun violence against children, among other missions (

  “Shortly after dawn most Sundays, a dozen or so black pastors gather by conference call to pray and compare notes for their sermons later that morning. But on July 14, when Howard-John Wesley called in at 6 a.m., there were already more than 100 pastors on the line, and his computer showed 57 tweets from members of his congregation, Alfred Street Baptist in Alexandria, Va., all with the same questions: What would he say to help heal the hurt and anger after the verdict the night before?” (Time Magazine)


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