Blue Gold Fantasia

Show Duration: May 24th – June 14th

Reception: Saturday, June 14th at 7:00-10:00pm

bG Gallery is pleased to present “Three-Winged Chrysalis”, 20th and 21st Century artworks of metamorphosis and transmutation. The exhibit brings together artists exploring worlds in flux, depicting subjects caught between two states. Shifting perspectives tilt familiar landscapes, ordinary objects appear in unexpected places and routine rites of passage are turned into peculiar rituals. Presented with imagery of unresolved transformation, the viewer must anticipate what the final form will be, offering their own unconscious an opportunity to fill in the blanks.

Artists: Ann McCoy, Max Ernst, Arik Brauer, Roberto Matta, Rufino Tamayo,

RonRogers_SoulChaserII29x 18x 19bronze1of1_side

Thomas Whittaker Kidd, Courtney Reid, Bob Moskowitz,  Airom Bleicher, Ron Rogers, Devin Johnson, Christopher Mudgett, George Joaquim, Ryan Schude, Dan Busta, Gay Summer Rick, Ted Gall, Jerry Wayne Downs, Steven Kenny, Len Poteshman, Shaun Berke, Darren Saravis, Hadiya Finley, Burton Gray, Dave Quick, Jim Holyoak, Mia Loucks, Linda Jacobson, Stephanie Visser, and more to be announced…