Agent Art, Lily Yu reporting from Art Basel, Miami

Tonight, November 29, 2016 Bg Gallery debuted at the mass packed opening of SPECTRUM, following their opening at SCOPE, just yesterday. The gallery is a star double -hitter this week at Art Basel, Miami, ambitiously participating in two art fairs in the city simultaneously. Spectrum located in the heart of Miami’s Arts & Entertainment District, features an international slate of artists and galleries known for urban and upscale design. Fashionably dressed collectors perused more than 176 contemporary art booths. Bg Gallery visibly took the lead in the spectrum theme by installing their show in the order of the colors of the spectrum. Painters Gay Summer Rick represented blues, Gregory Horndenski greens, photographer Dan Buste, yellows and oranges, Linda Vallejo whites, and Fred Tieken reds. Ted Gall, brought the neutrals into the mix with a rocking kinetic metal sculpture. The booth was a true celebration of the vibrant hues art and life are made of !
Spectrum Miami runs through Sunday December 4, 2016
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