Join us Friday 31st for a closing celebration and informal short talks by a selection of  artists in featured in Circle Logic.

Artist Talk and Closing Reception: Friday May 31st 8:00pm

Show Duration: May 18th – June 5th

Curator: Charity Burnett

In b/G Gallery’s latest exhibit, Circle Logic, artists are invited to interpret the dimensions of a circle and how they convey the interconnections within our lives and environments.  Circles conjure up many ideas including events “coming full circle,” or “The Circle of Life.”  This can be embodied through the symbolic meaning from the deeply intrapersonal, to the spiritual, and the cultural significance – while working in a variety of disciplines and artistic styles.

Exhibiting Artists: Airom, Charity Burnett, Lavialle Campbell, Fausto Fernandez, Alison Foshee, Simone Gad, Jim Holyoak, Susan Joseph, Mery Lynn McCorkle, Ann McCoy, Melissa Meier, Linda Parnell, Anita Ray, Gina Stepaniuk, Nick Veasey, Sharon Weiner, Kimberly Zsebe, Hilary Wootton.