Curated by Lily Yu, Agent Art

July 2016 

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Jim Barrett, “Drummer”, 102 inches x 78.5 inches, Oil on canvas

bG Gallery presents a solo exhibit by artist Jim Barrett. Working in Los Angeles for the past forty five years, Jim Barrett finds inspiration in the magic landscape and people of the area. This body of work is an exploration of Los Angeles diversity and the complexity of the human condition. The exhibit will also feature the world premier of Barrett’s massive 30ft multi-panel work War Complex.

Jim Barrett, “Once Burned”, 66 inches x 78.5 inches, Mixed Media on Plywood   


“It is tempting to fit people into neat categories: bag lady, illegal alien, redneck, conservative, liberal, simple, bite size portions that are easy to digest in order to fulfill some seeming need we all have to fit the “others” into onecategory or another.  In my  attempt to shed the labels, these paintings have turned into an invitation of sorts as well: an introduction to you to meet my neighbors and the neighborhoods that I’ve shared with them over the years.” – Jim Barrett

Jim Barrett, "Eucalyptus & Rose Hips, 72 inches x 60 inches, Mixed Media on Canvas
Jim Barrett, “Eucalyptus & Rose Hips, 72 inches x 60 inches, Mixed Media on Canvas

Jim has the same quiet demeanor and humbleness of his portraits that make you lean in and pay attention. The carefully composed paintings have a calmness and stillness that creates a space to pause.  What you find is something profoundly compelling, authentic, and distinct. Each portrait is painted as an impression of a real person. They feel real because Jim has in fact painted their soul.“ – Lily Yu, the curator

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