Performer: Jocelyn Wright

When: Saturday April 20th 7:30PM-9:30PM

Location: b/G Gallery 1431 Ocean Ave, Suite 1800 Santa Monica, CA 90401


Phone: (310)237-6423


Cost: Free

Press/ Curator Contact: Om Bleicher



bG Gallery is pleased to present a new spoken word performance by Jocelyn Wright, as part of the MOPLA photography exhibit, Beyond the Naked Eye. Jocelyn’s literary musings will offer an oblique angle view into the unseen forces that shape our lives in keeping with the exhibit’s theme of ‘beyond the naked eye’. The performance will be set against the backdrop of photography that delves beyond the spectrum of human sight, including x-ray, microscopic and deep space fine art photography.

Jocelyn’s performances are an engaging mix of poetry, prose, and theater. Having completed seven years on The Closer as the executive drama supervisor, Jocelyn is thrilled to be done with murder and onto poetry. Her poetry and short stories have been published in several anthologies, featured on radio, and documentary. Showtime’s Women Stories Of Passion series produced her screenplay, The Feather. Her work speaks to the journey of a lover of sex, men, spiritual exaltation, and great ethnic food, who struggles to fuse it all together amidst the urban experiment in social Darwinism that is Los Angeles.