Event time: December 6th, 2015  2:30pm-4pm. The author will read excerpts from his new book, The Gospel According to Judas, followed by a book signing and reception.

Location: bG Gallery (Bleicher/Gorman), 2525 Michigan Ave. #G8A, Santa Monica CA, 90404, Phone:  +1 310 906 4211

Parking: Free onsite parking on Michigan and in the Bergamot station parking lot.

On December 6th, 2015 at 2:30pm bG Gallery hosts Keith Holyoak reading excerpts from his new, enigmatic work, The Gospel According to Judas, published by Dos Madres Press. 
Crying 4 Kafka will provide punk-edged gospel musical interludes.
Following the reading there will be a meet and greet with the author as well as a book signing. The event will take place as part of bG Gallery’s Neo Mythology exhibit.

The Gospel According to Judas is a collection of poems framed as a mysterious series of emails from a figure claiming to be a resurrected Judas Iscariot.  Using this conceit, the author takes us into the minds and motivations of Judas, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and others from the gospel story.  A diversity of tones are employed from the philosophical to the deeply personal.  Some of the poems are longer narratives that fill in parts of the Jesus story that scripture leaves tantalizingly ambiguous.  Though treating of religious themes and steeped in New Testament imagery, the book also blends in some surprising and anachronistic twists.

Keith Holyoak Biography

Keith Holyoak, poet, translator of classical Chinese poetry, and cognitive scientist, was raised on a dairy farm in British Columbia, Canada. He received his B.A. from the University of British Columbia, and his Ph.D. in psychology, from Stanford University. A professor of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles, Holyoak has published over 150 papers and books. Holyoak writes formal poetry, using meter and rhyme. In addition to Yeats, Frost, and the landscape of the Pacific Northwest, Holyoak has been influenced by the classical Chinese poetry of Li Bai and Du Fu (aka Li Po and Tu Fu), whose poems he has translated and published in magazines in the US, England and New Zealand.

Crying 4 Kafka is an Americana Desolation Punk trio that also dabbles in gospel and religious themes . Crying 4 kafka is composed of a professor of psychology (Paul Abramson), a professor of philosophy (Marc Bobro), and a music teacher (Ian Putnam.)