The Love Armada

March-April 2016

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Artists: Nancy Larrew, Ted Gall, Airom, Dan Busta, Courtney Reid, Miako Kitagawa, Mizuho Koyama, The Love Armada, Teresa Flowers, Bob Branaman, Organa Meets, Mike Saijo, Yaron Dotan, Gay Summer Rick, Jack Reilly, Nathan Cartwright, Gregory Horndeski and more to be announced.

bG Gallery presents Multi-World: contemporary artists revealing the hidden realities of alternate worlds.

The discovery of infinite worlds that exist parallel to our own may lie beyond the limits of human perception. The human imagination, however, is limitless. In the new exhibit Multi-World, a group of artists offer the viewer a chance to enter a universe of alternate realities.

Ted Gall_Image Factory (Video Series,Metropolis)_14 1⁄2 × 6 1⁄2 × 6 1⁄2
Ted Gall