When: October 19 – November 2nd

Preview for awards ceremony: Saturday, October 19 from 6pm to 9pm.

Second reception and Nathan Cartwright Feature : Saturday October 26th, 6-9pm

Closing event: Saturday November 2nd, 5-8pm

Francisco Goya, Max Ernst, Francisco Zuniga, George Segal, Raymond Pettibone, George Condo, Adam Brown, Aleksandra Mantelzak, Alex Ballotta, Alex Currie, Alexandra Woody, Alexander McVickar, Allan Peach, Amari Jade, Bob Schimel, Chrilz, Claudette Losier, Cristina Paulos, Doug Johns, Doug Sutherland, Ellierex, Gar Benedick, Georgina Saborio, Hung Viet Nguen Jim Newberry, Katharine Weber, Kathy S. Copsey, Madam X, Maria Oliveira, Miles Regis, Nelson Munares, Pamela Mower-Conner, Paula Craioveanu, Peter Carr, Ramona Otto, Renee Tay, Shen Li, S. P. Harper, Sabrina Epton, Sarah Clough, Sarah Stone, Stephanie Sydney, Steve Montiglio, Steve Roberts, Steve Sangapore, Tanya Solonyka, Walter Impert and more.

Art can take us to places that are figments of  the imagination, let us see people consigned to a paragraph in a history book, or even transport us to realms that never have and never will exist.

bG Gallery continues its newly-incepted residency at Bergamot Station with “Portal”, a show that asks the viewer open their mind, and be lifted toward fantastical realms, surrealist fantasies, and mystical manifestations of transcendent transmissions from a series of artists–known and unknown.

As part of the Portal exhibit, bG will have the fantastical bronze sculpture “Angel Landing” which is to be used as this year’s Courageous Content Award trophy. Other sculptures by the award’s sculptor Doug Johns will be on display and the reception will be a preview event for the Courageous Content Woman Award. Art sale proceeds on the award preview and opening reception night will support charities combating domestic violence. bG Gallery will also present the award to recipient, Beth Sullivan (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman), at the culminating Red Carpet event on November 14th at the Avalon in Hollywood.

The gallery is open from Tues. to Sat. from 11:30am – 6 pm at Bergamot Station, next door to the Bergamot Cafe. 

About The Award

The “Courageous Content Woman Award” is presented to a female creative in TV & Film who embodies courage and perseverance, while upholding her ideals in writing, producing, and disseminating socially