Produced jim-barrett-in-studioand Directed by Tom Koester and Frances Bohn

Screening date and time: Friday Sep 23rd, 8pm Screening 8:30 Q&A

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Location: bG Gallery 2525 Michigan Ave #G8a, Santa Monica CA

bG Gallery phone:  +1 310 906 4211              


You are invited to the Screening of a documentary of Jim Barrett and his exhibit at bG Gallery.   This half hour, 3-D color documentary film features LA artist, Jim Barrett’s solo exhibition at bG Gallery in Bergamot station in July 2016.   Working in Los Angeles for the past forty-five years, Jim Barrett has found the inspiration for his paintings in the magical landscapes and diversity of the people in and around the LA area. This film also covers bG Gallery’s world premier of Jim’s massive 30-ft multi-panel work ,War Complex , which speaks to the heart and mind of both the terror of war and the complexity of the human condition.

“It is tempting to fit people into neat categories: bag lady, illegal alien, redneck, conservative, liberal, simple, bite size portions that are easy to digest in order to fulfill some seeming need we all have to fit the “others” into one category or another.  In my attempt to shed the labels, these paintings have turned into an invitation of sorts as well: an introduction to you to meet my neighbors and the neighborhoods that I’ve shared with them over the years.” -Jim Barrett