Join us for a second reception before the exhibit closes: Saturday July 25th 4:30-6:30pm

bG Gallery presents “Pretty Pollution,” an exhibit featuring new bodies of work by Douglas Alvarez and Kimber Berry, as well as a group exhibit of artists who capture beauty in unexpected places.

Alvarez explores his experiences within the city of Los Angeles and its decay using humor and popular iconography. He observes that, “Collectively, LA is changing and what I can do is visually document this evolution and endeavor to find beauty in unlikely places.”  Alvarez draws his inspiration for his artwork from subjects others would easily overlook; from a crack in the sidewalk to a foreclosed home. Alvarez is allured to the deterioration of Los Angeles and when he ventures out in exploration he describes himself as a tourist in his own city.

Through her series of paintings, Plastic Gardens, Berry raises important social questions as to how we live and interact with nature. As we encroach further into natural environments that were once untouched and eliminate them, will we be able to restore balance and harmony with Mother Earth, or have we already caused irreparable damages? Being surrounded by steel, we feel a disconnect from nature and are compelled to create green spaces, oases, parks, constructed waterfalls, highly designed flower beds; essentially formatting nature based on our own terms. Plastic refers to the materials the artist uses, as well as the flexibility of these in-organic environments to exist and to take any form the gardener wishes.