Hamilton Galleries director Leigh Hamilton passed away Saturday night. Her final moments were spent among family and friends.

She was a powerhouse of channeling heart into her business and family, a force or nature, and a friend, and will be missed.

Leigh was born December 20th, 1949 in
Auckland, New Zealand to Colleen and
Derek Hiene.

When Leigh walked into a room, everyone
felt her presence. With her vivacious
personality and strikingly beautiful features,
it was easy to be captivated by her. She was
not only graceful, but intuitively intelligent
and she possessed a heart big enough to care
for all. Leigh touched so many lives through
her great passion for the arts, as a gallery
owner and actress in such movies as A Man,
A Woman, and A Bank and Gas Food
Lodging. Leigh’s tenacity and great eye for beauty translated to the success of her
gallery, Hamilton Galleries, in Santa Monica.

Leigh enjoyed reading, swimming in the
ocean, and being surrounded by family and friends. Leigh is a person always to be
admired because she was the best kind of woman, one with beauty, intelligence, and
above all, grace.

Leigh is survived by her 4 brothers, husband of 19 years, Warren Long, and her beautiful
daughter, Tallulah.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to:

Education Fund of Tallulah Long
(c/o Warren Long)
1431 Ocean Ave Suite 1800
Santa Monica, CA 90401