DATE: Sunday February 19th, 3pm-5pm,
Location: Jeanie Madsen Gallery 1431 Ocean Ave Santa Monica, CA 90401
Website: Phone: (310) 451-9983 E-Mail:

Bleicher Galleries and Jeanie Madsen Gallery are pleased to host a book signing and talk by Susan Moss for her most recent publication: “Survive Cancer.” A long term breast cancer survivor, Moss is a strong advocate for women’s issues, health, and healing through her work. Her book explores the causes of cancer, as well as methods of prevention and overcoming the disease. The book also details stories of survival, sharing how individuals around the world have beat cancer on their own, without the use of drugs or radiation treatments. Moss’s unique explanation of this disease advocates the rise of a new way to treat cancer “in which the immune system will be strengthened rather than destroyed.”

An artist as well as an author, a series of health and life obstacles have stood in Moss’s path, only to be overcome with a new series of work. She began experimenting with spray paint in the 70’s creating large color-field works that gained her a reputation and collector base. Severe respiratory issues resulting from the spray led her to a new series using acrylic binding. By far the biggest obstacle was cancer, which the artist incredibly fought without the use of modern medicine. She has now emerged with new works using non toxic paints including mediums of her own invention, giving the work a unique organic texture.

Moss will speak about her work, “Survive Cancer,” sharing her unique approach to healing, derived from her personal struggle in which she overcame both breast and uterine cancer through natural means, without the use of conventional medicine.